Album Review: Grumbling Fur – ‘Furrier’

Album Review: Grumbling Fur - 'Furrier'


A monstrous supergroup with psychedelic sounds

When Alexander Tucker isn’t dressing up as a yeti onstage and making folk songs such as those on recent Thrill Jockey release [b]‘Dorwytch’[/b], his many side-projects include this monstrous supergroup.

Helmed by Daniel O’Sullivan (of Mothlite and synth duo [b]Miracle[/b]) and featuring, among others, Jussi Lehtisalo of cult Finnish metallers [b]Circle[/b], [a]Grumbling Fur[/a] concoct a potent brew of doomy psychedelia, interspersed with blissful krautrock like [b]‘Orb Of The Woods’[/b].

True to its origins as a day-long studio jam, [b]‘Furrier’[/b] rambles occasionally into murky, abstract territory, making it all the more striking when pulsing rhythms and haunting melodies do eventually emerge.

Frances Morgan

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