Album Review: Gucci Mane – ‘The State Vs Radric Davis’

Album Review: Gucci Mane - 'The State Vs Radric Davis'


Rap's latest contender proves a poor imitation of a what's gone before

Five minutes into [b]Gucci Mane[/b]’s album, you’re beginning to cast around for something to do. Ten minutes in, you’re ready to throw yourself in front of a tube train just to relieve the tedium. Rocking what must be one of the most cosmically annoying flows in rap, the Atlanta native spits one-note verses throughout, hardly seeming to change subject matter from song to song. The beats, by the usually-reliable [b]Drumma Boy[/b] and [b]Shawty Redd[/b], among others, do [b]Gucci[/b] and his guestlist no favours at all. [b]‘Bingo’[/b], with [b]Soulja Boy[/b] and [b]Waka Flocka Flame[/b], is the only cut that’s even close to a highlight. [b]‘…Radric Davis’[/b] is deeply flawed, and ultimately [b]Gucci[/b] has committed the worst crime in rap: he’s boring.

[b]Rob Boffard[/b]