Guided By Voices – ‘Let’s Go Eat The Factory’

Guided By Voices - 'Let's Go Eat The Factory'


Their finest work since ‘Isolation Drills’

This is unmistakably a [a]Guided By Voices[/a] record. Twenty-one hard-bitten, melody-powered scuzz missiles fired at whim with nary a thought given to what it is exactly they’re volleying into the ether. It was recorded by the reconvened class of ’93-’96, and the men behind ‘Bee Thousand’ have done it again: made a glorious, frayed-at-the-edges patchwork of bristling garage pop ([b]‘God Loves Us’[/b], [b]‘The Unsinkable Fats Domino’[/b]), stadium rock racketeering ([b]‘Imperial Racehorsing’[/b]), saloon-bar tenderness ([b]‘Doughnut For A Snowman’[/b]), and nightmarishly ramshackle dirges constructed from shoddy time-keeping and distortion alone. It’s also Guided By Voices’ finest work since 2001’s ‘Isolation Drills’.

[i]Chris Parkin[/i]


Director: Diagrams
Record label: Fire
Release date: 16 Jan, 2012