Guided By Voices – ‘Motovational Jumpsuit’

Guided By Voices - 'Motovational Jumpsuit'


30 years after forming, the Ohio rockers are living up to their reputation for consistency

For all the booze-soaked turmoil they’ve weathered since beginning as an Ohio bar band over 30 years ago, Guided By Voices have never really lost their hardcore following. New album ‘Motivational Jumpsuit’ arrives about nine months after its predecessor – as fierce a workrate as they chalked up in their early-’90s era of high-cultness – and teems with sub-two-minute songs that jangle Anglocentrically and have eternally teenage garage production values. In other words, a GBV record that sounds like everything GBV fans love about GBV. A rut? Sure, but a rut that churns out nuggets of golden songwriting like album opener ‘The Littlest League Possible’ and bozo punk strut ‘Zero Elasticity’. Plus oodles of less memorable lo-fi mumbles, but they’re a GBV standard.

Noel Gardner


Record label: Fire