Album Review: Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts – ‘Breaking The Fourth Wall’ (Circus Company)


Curious, intense and brilliant

You want a soundbite? Tough. Canadian [b]Berliner Guillaume Coutu Dumont[/b] has too much going on. Driven less by laptop and drum machine than intricate Afro-Latin percussion and proper instruments, GCD morphs effortlessly between deep house, minimal techno and a supra-modern approximation of – gulp! – acid jazz. It’s curious, intense, sometimes brilliant stuff, which for all its many reference points – echoes of the muggy abstraction of New York’s hip Wolf + Lamb label; a collaboration with Parisian house music stars [i]du jour[/i] [b]dOP[/b] defies categorisation. The astringent ambient hallucination [b]‘Unwelcome’[/b], for instance, would sound at home on [b]These New Puritans[/b]’ [b]‘Hidden’[/b]. Go figure.

[b]Tony Naylor[/b]