Album Review: Guillemots – ‘Walk The River’

Album Review: Guillemots - 'Walk The River'


Their third studio effort. Goes on way too long

On this, their third album proper, [a]Guillemots[/a] have walked away from their twinkly, twee, typewriter-sampling former selves, instead going for [a]Flaming Lips[/a] electro swooshes ([b]‘The Basket’[/b]) and [b]‘Melancholy Hill’[/b] refrains ([b]‘I Must Be A Lover’[/b]). The voice of lead singer Fyfe Dangerfield (yes, he of that John Lewis advert) is husky and doleful – the anti-Chris Martin.

[a]Neil Young[/a]-indebted, the band have described the tracks as needing to sound like they were “sleepwalking their way onto tape”. However, with two songs playing out at over nine minutes long, one feels that a decent edit would change things from somnambulant to plain dreamy.

Ailbhe Malone

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