Gwilym Gold – ‘Tender Metal’

Gwilym Gold - 'Tender Metal'


The most enraging, addictive and crisis-inducing iPhone app ever

Thanks to the iPhone app format of ex-Golden Silvers frontman Gwilym’s debut, no song sounds the same twice. Jab the play icon once and you’ll hear ‘Agony III’ as performed by a flatulent robot. Not good. Press again and hear him croon the same song like it’s R&B. Brilliant. Throw in the possibility that halfway through a life-changing track the app will crash and leave you staring at picture of a cat snuggled in a chair (or whatever your background pic is), and you’ve got the most enraging, addictive and crisis-inducing thing ever invented for a phone. Love technology and all, but give us the Londoner’s elegant, goth-Gruff Rhys soar of ‘Flesh Freeze’ over and over again any day.

Siân Rowe

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