Album Review: Gypsy & The Cat – ‘Gilgamesh’

Album Review: Gypsy & The Cat - 'Gilgamesh'


Disjointed '80s tunes

There was a time when chaps like Aussie duo [a]Gypsy & The Cat[/a], with their big [b]Phil Collins[/b]-style reverby drums and saccharine lyrics, would be lampooned as nothing more than MOR merchants. Then, the last couple of years happened: the ’80s became hip and people started listening to [a]Hurts[/a].

[b]‘Gilgamesh’[/b] is steeped more within America’s hypnagogic approximation of said decade, yet shares the close-to-the-wind sincerity of their Manchester contemporaries. They’ve definitely got the hooks, but ultimately the pair need to look towards countrymen [a]The Temper Trap[/a] and [a]Empire Of The Sun[/a] for lessons in how to do this sort of thing more acceptably.

Simon Jay Catling

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