Album Review: Gyratory System – ‘New Harmony’

Album Review: Gyratory System - 'New Harmony'


Devilishly erratic and full of jazzy disorder

The work of trumpet-toting squelch-skronker Andrew Blick ferrets round bedroom production’s less poppy corners, and there are all sort of things jiving about in his excellent second album, from The Normal, Cabaret Voltaire, free jazz, Fuck Buttons-ish synth-ravin’ to William Blake, 19th-century socialist communes and sonic psychogeography.

Over-intellectualising would kind of miss the fun, though. You could ponder on the meaning of ‘Un-sound’’s oh-so-ambiguous title, or you could kick your shoes off and jump around in your socks to its giddy, shonky, maddening bleeps and shuffles. More demonic than harmonic, and all the better for it.

Emily Mackay

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