Album Review: Handsome Furs – ‘Sound Kapital’

Album Review: Handsome Furs - 'Sound Kapital'


Third release from the synth duo

[b]‘Machines Have Feelings Too’[/b] is [a]Handsome Furs[/a]’ self-proclaimed mission statement with this third album. Its nine tracks were composed solely on keyboards as the duo – [b]Wolf Parade[/b] guitarist Dan Boeckner and wife Alexei Perry – forced themselves into a new songwriting regime.

The experiment is mostly successful, particularly on outstanding album centrepiece [b]‘Serve The People’[/b], where grinding, paranoid synths underpin Boeckner’s impassioned vocal (“[i]You kick them in the head/And you kick them when they’re down/You don’t serve them[/i]”). Elsewhere, throbbing politico-disco banger [b]‘Repatriated’[/b] is everything that the last [a]Cut Copy[/a] record should have been.

Rob Webb

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