Album review: Hanne Hukkelberg

Album review: Hanne Hukkelberg


Blood From A Stone

The intimate, soft vocals of this Norwegian soundscaper are in the same field as Stina Nordenstam, My Brightest Diamond or Lykke Li, but cast a sterner, stiller spell. Her third album is supposedly inspired by her teenage love of the Pixies and Banshees, but its element is more air than earth on pallid explorations such as ‘Bygd Til By’ and ‘Seventeen’. Put it this way, she’s not going to be the surprise rock-day headliner at Reading. For a start, there are no drums, although there are field recordings of fluttering flags, train doors, rocks and seagulls and Hanne’s ghostly gasps. Although those searching for a raised pulse will find the title all too appropriate, ‘Blood From A Stone’’s hushed, held-breath, Cocteau Twins-ish atmosphere is addictive.

Emily Mackay

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