Album Review: Hatcham Social

Album Review: Hatcham Social


You Dig the Tunnel, I’ll Hide the Soil

Facts about this album:

* Hatcham Social are Toby Kidd (guitar/vocals), Finn Kidd (drums), David Fineberg (bass) and Jerome Watson (synth/guitar).

* Hatcham Social share a US label with Radiohead.

* ‘You Dig The Tunnel, I’ll Hide The Soil’ is their debut album.

Album review:

It’s no surprise to discover Tim Burgess – a man who’s spent 20 years making tunes so catchy they could give the cold a run for its money – is part of the production force behind the debut from Hatcham Social. Yet, as well as the hook-heavy Brit-fop choruses of ‘Hypnotise Terrible Eyes’ and ‘In My Opinion’ there’s also a heavy debut owed to the loveliness of Lloyd Cole. In fact, ‘Crocodile’ and ‘Penelope (Under My Hat)’ are shot through with such a delicious ’80s indie jangle it makes you wonder what the band have to talk about with their chums The Horrors. But such a friendship makes more sense when things take a turn for The Fall with the spoken-word-and-greasy-guitar version of Lewis Carroll’s ‘Jabberwocky’. A stunner.

Leonie Cooper

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