Album Review: Headman – ‘1923’ (Relish)

Album Review: Headman - '1923' (Relish)


This is anything but disco dotage

1923? As every hipster historian knows, the key [b]Headman[/b] date is 2004. Back then, Berlin-based Swiss [b]Robi Insinna[/b] was pivotal in the international discopunk uprising. Like [b]The Rapture[/b] or [b]LCD[/b], his tracks were anthems at proto-electro nights such as Trash and Club Suicide. Since then, Insinna has threatened to drift into a comfortable disco-not-disco dotage, but [b]‘1923’[/b] is a tight, urgent reaffirmation. His core sound (spare, tough electronic disco) is unchanged, but aided by guests including [b]Yello[/b]’s [b]Dieter Meier[/b] and [b]The Beta Band[/b]’s [b]Steve Mason[/b], [b]‘1923’[/b] proves that Insinna can still mix it with young bucks such as [b]Fan Death[/b] or [b]Hercules[/b].

[b]Tony Naylor[/b]

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