Album Review: Health – ‘Disco 2’ (City Slang)

Album Review: Health - 'Disco 2' (City Slang)

A breath of fresh air from a tired format

Remixes are old news. Having the latest knob-twiddler du jour do his bleepy business all over your stuff? It’s boring. But as is their wont, LA noiseniks [a]HEALTH[/a] breathe new life into a tired format (again) by handing over their second set [b]‘Get Color’[/b] to a few sonic visionaries of their choice. [b]Tobacco[/b]’s mind-mauling treatment of [b]‘Die Slow’[/b] (is anyone else hearing the [i]Super Mario Bros[/i] theme?), [a]Crystal Castles[/a]’ supremely blissed-out take on [b]‘Eat Flesh’[/b] and [b]Gold Panda[/b]’s sublime rewiring of [b]‘Before Tigers’[/b] are all utterly great, but best of all is new [a]HEALTH[/a] track [b]‘USA Boys’[/b] – it basically sounds like [b]Prince[/b] fucking a computer.

[b]Rob Webb[/b]

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