Album review: Heartless Bastards

Album review: Heartless Bastards


The Mountain

Facts about this album:

* Heartless Bastards are Erika Wennerstrom, Mike Lamping and Dave Colvin.

* ‘The Mountain’ is their third album.

Album review:

From the ashes of Dayton, Ohio’s garage rock scene, Heartless Bastards have been reborn. After singer Erika Wennerstrom broke up with boyfriend and bassist Mike Lamping, she reinstated Dave Colvin on drums and Jesse Ebaugh on bass – the line-up responsible for their blistering lo-fi demo in 2002 – and relocated to Austin, Texas. From the soaring pedal steel on the opening title track, it’s a deliberate step away from garage to a more country tone. Angry blues stomps such as ‘Early In The Morning’ are the aural equivalent of Wild Turkey for breakfast, while ‘Out At Sea’ combines the grit and growl of the Bastards’ beginnings with a layering of sounds that’s wider, more expansive and ultimately more interesting.

Nat Davies

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