Album Review: Helado Negro – ‘Canta Lechuza’

Album Review: Helado Negro - 'Canta Lechuza'


A curious and compelling mess

Not to judge, but if you’re still here after reading of ‘field recordings’ ([b]‘Allanzar’[/b]), ‘Spanish mumblings’ ([b]‘Globitos’[/b]) and ‘bubbly psychedelic meanderthons that sound like exotica popster [b]El Guincho[/b] and sonic smartypants [b]Arthur Russell[/b] nipping out of their minds to the moon and making love in some craters’, you’re probably the kinda cat that takes to breezily bizarre future-pop better than your average grit-pop tit-shop.

This is good, but [b]‘Canta Lechuza’[/b] deflates its ambition by bleeping and whirring in every direction at once, landing in a confused heap of awkward samba jangle and rippling steel drums, a curious and compelling mess.

Jazz Monroe

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