Album Review : Hell

Album Review : Hell



Album review:

For a moment there – well, five years – NME thought it had lost DJ Hell. A pioneer in the 1990s (his ‘Munich Machine’ album was a glossy techno revelation) and later electroclash’s flamboyant ringmaster, he has barely released anything of note since. ‘Teufelswerk’, however, is a conscious regrouping; an audibly serious attempt at creating art. To describe it as a return to form barely covers it. Split across two CDs – ‘Day’, a delirious cosmic miasma that conjures the sound of Can playing the sunset session at Ibiza’s Café del Mar, and ‘Night’, the definitive take on Hell’s trademark tough, detailed, obliquely melodic EBM techno – it is not just the best thing Helmut Geier has ever done, but one of the greatest dance music albums ever made.

Tony Naylor

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