Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!

Despite its title, the electro-fused debut from Californian MySpace wizards Hellogoodbye is no more about teeth-gnashing, flashing-eyed, scaley beasts than it is about nuclear physics. Stemming from a fuzzy mixtape that lead singer Forrest recorded, it’s a jerky concoction of emo power-pop and hyperactive, keyboard-bashing funk, complete with lovey-dovey lyrics that will send 14-year-old girls flocking to their nearest record store. Which is probably why it’s already sold by the bucketload in North America. Although the sugar-coated ‘Baby, It’s Fact’ provides some respite from the synthetic dance beats, after 35 minutes of pure electro-pop, your head will throb with the artificiality of it all.

Jess Coleman