Help She Can’t Swim


The Death Of Nightlife

Bold, brash, and snotty as hell, Help She Can’t Swim’s debut LP unfairly sunk without a trace two years ago. Now that their shouty, glittery dance-punk is in the ascendancy, HSCS deserve to be massive. With cries of, “You’re less exciting than my ringtone”, ‘The Death Of Nightlife’ is a thorough assault on hipster ideals, tapping into the same syrupy venom as The Thermals, Robots In Disguise, Test Icicles, Bis and, occasionally, The Blood Brothers. Mostly killer with some moderate filler, ‘…Nightlife’ only hits its stride four tracks in on ‘Hospital Drama’, a dirty splurge of dance-punk, possibly about a round of board game Operation gone wrong. On the strength of this alone, HSCS could cross the Channel in one breath.

Mike Sterry