Album Review: Her Name Is Calla, ‘The Quiet Lamb’ (Denovali)

Album Review: Her Name Is Calla, 'The Quiet Lamb' (Denovali)


Triumphant debut from the Yorkshire group

Written after songwriter [b]Tom Morris’[/b] breakdown, Yorkshire post-rockers [a]Her Name Is Calla[/a]’s debut proper charts a psycho-geographical map where the band’s headspace scales the manic contours of the equally beautiful and punishing Dales. Though there’s little here in hock to [a]Mogwai[/a] or [a]Godspeed[/a], this is definitely massive, pastorally apocalyptic music, often creeping through negative space rather than sprawling guitar weft. It’s occasionally a little subtle for its own good – especially considering its 80-minute length – but when they storm in, as on the final song trio, HNIC smash the compass that flickers between rage and timid frustration and become conquerors of all.

[b]Laura Snapes[/b]