Album review: Herve


Ghetto Bass

Facts about this album:

Herve so many aliases that he has been able to form a one-man label, Cheap Thrills.

Twenty of the 36 tracks on ‘Ghetto Bass’ are big-bass Herve reworkings of songs by other artists, including Bloc Party, David Byrne and Benga.

Herve’s real name is Joshua Harvey – Herve is the French form of his surname.

Album review:

Electro spods decided to ignore the revelation that ‘fidget house’ was a DJ in-joke and ran with it anyway, coining another daft sub-genre that alludes to wild eclecticism. Unwittingly, Hervé has been sworn in as king of this chiefdom thanks to his bass-hefty energy flash, allied with snatches of baille funk, Gallic disco and dubstep. But if holding on to a wonky template only slightly more cerebral than a chat with The Pigeon Detectives is ‘fidgety’, then parents need a new adjective. Chris Parkin