Album review: Herzog – ‘Search’ (Transparent)

Album review: Herzog - 'Search' (Transparent)

Slacking isn't all cereal in your pyjamas and stoned Tweets about your cat, y'know

[a]Herzog[/a]’s Nick Tolar is a landscape gardener from Cleveland, which is the kind of borderline Midwestern town the deadbeat characters in [a]Bruce Springsteen[/a]’s ‘Nebraska’ dream about escaping to when they’re not committing mass murder or incest. Tolar, however, pisses on this fantasy, presenting an image of a place bereft of balls and ambition. “[i]I grew up on the streets of West Boulevard, where life isn’t really all that hard[/i]” he grumbles, plucking an acoustic guitar as trashed beats welcome in 30 minutes of miserable/uplifting American indie spliced with [a]Dylan[/a]. This isn’t bullshit slacker rock. It’s the real fucking McCoy.

[b]Huw Nesbitt[/b]

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