Album Review: Hey Marseilles – ‘To Travel & Trunks’ (Onto Entertainment)

Album Review: Hey Marseilles - 'To Travel & Trunks' (Onto Entertainment)


A rock record that defies the norm

If you’re the kind of ‘rock fan’ that considers it your duty to uphold the powdery excess-über-alles inherent to the form, then by extension it will also be your duty to HATE [b]Hey Marseilles[/b]. They come from Seattle, they number seven and their list of instruments stretches to the horizon and beyond. The stiff-collared flourishes of their ornate folk-rock-indie hybrid doesn’t do anything wildly separate from [b]The Decemberists[/b], [a]Arcade Fire[/a] or [b]Of Montreal[/b], but it’s stirring nonetheless. If anything, its determined anti-‘rock’ stance lends it much of its power.

[b]Noel Gardner[/b]