Album Review: High Places – ‘Original Colours’

Album Review: High Places - 'Original Colours'


It's like a sexy sonic shoulder-rub

Now, we’re not going to mention the ‘ch’ word, but at the end of a hard day down the pit, you could do much worse than sink into this spare, seductive distillation of alternative ’80s electronics, minimal techno and ambient psychedelia. On their third album, LA-based duo Rob Barber and Mary Pearson have created something of a subtle small-hours classic, as close to the glossy darkness of [a]HTRK[/a] or [a]The Knife[/a] as it is to the more euphoric, less wafty end of chillwave, a sort of ‘Sighadelica’ for loved-up goths. The Weatherall-ish pulse of ‘[b]Altos Lugares[/b]’ and ‘[b]Dry Lake[/b]’ is offset beautifully by Pearson’s hypnotically detached vocals, and the overall experience is like a sexy sonic shoulder-rub.

[i]Emily Mackay[/i]


Director: Rob Barber
Record label: Thrill Jockey
Release date: 07 Nov, 2011