Album Review: Holy Fuck – ‘Latin’ (XL)

Album Review: Holy Fuck - 'Latin' (XL)


Lack of personality proves no set-back for this electro-rock outfit

Announcing [b]‘Latin’[/b] via may have been [b]Holy Fuck[/b]’s way of addressing their main flaw – the lack of personability they suffer from due to being instrumental (or it may have been an excuse to look at college girls getting off with each other). But they shouldn’t worry – you wouldn’t have a go at a toaster for not hugging you after crisping you off an amazing wholemeal. As 2007 breakthrough [b]‘LP’[/b] proved, they do vein-rush, wire-spraying electro-rock better than most, and while the repetitive build-to-euphoria of the likes of [b]‘Silva & Grime’[/b] get tiring there’s still much to plug into, [b]‘Red Lights’[/b] and [b]‘Latin America’[/b] boasting [b]Chemical Brothers[/b]-style big beat thumps.

[b]Jamie Fullerton[/b]

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