Hooded Fang – ‘Tosta Mista’

Hooded Fang - 'Tosta Mista'


Close to being the jauntiest breakup album of all time

This should represent a simple square peg/square hole equation: twee Toronto turncoats [a]Hooded Fang[/a] grasp tropical hipster coattails in a stylistically cynical second album about-turn. Case closed. Except dammit if they’re not real handy at no-fi surf-rock jangle, dismissing aforementioned charges inside an unapologetically upbeat 23 minutes. That the record lays bare chief protagonists Daniel Lee and April Aliermo’s relationship breakdown is another curveball; only [i]Back To The Future[/i] school dance shoop ‘Den Of Love’ drops any real hints of trouble in a Honolulu-level paradise. Indeed, Hooded Fang must be mighty close to crafting the jauntiest breakup album of all time.

[i]David Westle[/i]


Record label: Full Time Hobby
Release date: 26 Mar, 2012