Hooray For Earth – ‘Racy’

Hooray For Earth - 'Racy'


Straight to the point synth-rock thrills

Hooray For Earth’s first full-length album, 2011’s ‘True Loves’ – and more specifically its title track – earned them ample praise from people who mourned the loss of Late Of The Pier and hadn’t yet connected with MGMT’s second album, but Noel Heroux’s group have never really possessed the guile and invention of either. The flipside, of course, is that they’re less likely to suddenly split or disappear unexpectedly down a prog-rock rabbit hole. Hooray For Earth’s particular brand of synth-rock rarely strays from convention, but as songs like ‘Keys’ and ‘Last, First’ attest, this sort of stuff needn’t always confound to succeed. Intrepid it ain’t, but sometimes the straightforward approach has its rewards.

Barry Nicolson


Record label: Dovecote Records
Release date: 29 Jul, 2014