Album Review: Hot Hot Heat – ‘Future Breeds’ (Dine Alone)

Album Review: Hot Hot Heat - 'Future Breeds' (Dine Alone)


This album may crackle and fiz with electro-punk-tinged invention but it's no match for 'Bandages'

After releasing four albums of varying quality over the last decade, we think it’s fair to say that [b]Hot Hot Heat[/b]’s career has turned rather tepid of late. Still, the Vancouver-based geek-funk group are making a good fist of it on their fifth opus and, for the most part, [b]‘Future Breeds’[/b] crackles and fizzes with electro-punk-tinged invention. The jerky [b]‘Implosionatic’[/b] and the stuttering sex-pop stomp of the title track crank the temperature up a notch and are definite album highlights, but if you’re looking for more sonic salvos in the vein of past hit [b]‘Bandages’[/b], then you’ll have to join Theo Walcott on the ‘bitterly disappointed’ bench.

[b]Edwin McFee[/b]

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