Album Review: Howling Bells – ‘The Loudest Engine’

Album Review: Howling Bells – ‘The Loudest Engine’


Third album from Juanita Stein's gang

It took Sydney natives [a]Howling Bells[/a] three years to follow their 2006 debut, a record that blew dust from retro rock and fitted right into the times. Maybe it was easier before pop reintroduced itself as the new rock’n’roll, but anyone hoping for a [a]Howling Bells[/a] comeback that vital should look elsewhere. If 2009’s ‘[b]Radio Wars[/b]’ was patchy, ‘[b]The Loudest Engine[/b]’ is thoroughly passé. Juanita Stein’s vocal – once as hot as her – is lost in reverb and bad lyrics, and the clichés are coated a stadium finish about as interesting as magnolia. In what might be a last hurrah, ‘[b]The Loudest Engine[/b]’ punches for psychedelia and falls flat in a puddle of MOR. Hazel Sheffield

Watch the video for Howling Bells’ ‘[b]Into The Sky[/b]’ below.


Record label: Cooking Vinyl
Release date: 12 Sep, 2011