I Am Kloot – ‘Let It All In’

I Am Kloot - 'Let It All In'


I Am Kloot are in familiar miserably poetic folk-song territory

It was with their fifth album, 2010’s ‘Sky At Night’, that I Am Kloot became more than just three dudes from Manchester who drink ale with Elbow’s Guy Garvey. Eleven years into their career they deserved the Top 30 record and the Mercury nod,

if only because they try so hard and John Peel liked them. With this, their follow-up, they’re in familiar miserably poetic folk-song territory. For some reason, every song evokes the pub. Downbeat moments like ‘Shoeless’ and ‘Let Them All In’ are the sound of men nursing a pint and grumbling for an hour at lunchtime. The suspenseful and faster-paced ‘Hold Back The Night’ captures that pleasing moment when the doubles take hold and you start chatting happily to everyone in the room. The very sing-along-able ‘These Days Are Mine’, with its dramatic orchestral string outro, is the moment five pals walk back to someone’s house via the off-licence, bawling ‘Wonderwall’ in unison.

Tom Howard