Album Review: I Break Horses – ‘Hearts’

Album Review: I Break Horses - 'Hearts'

Synthetic bliss

Stockholm’s Maria Lindén and Fredrick Balck don’t belong in the real world. Together they weave waves of synthetic bliss across hushed, heart-clawing vocals. Think [a]M83[/a] in cardigans whispering careless nothings into your pillow-muffled ears.

The title track of the record swells and pulses to the point where it could certainly break a few, while the forebodingly eerie [b]‘Cancer’[/b] rings and glistens like a hopeful antidote to its namesake. It’s a masterful and seductive record that sounds as classic as it does progressive. The only problem with music this dreamy is that it’s quite difficult to reach the end with your eyes still open.

Jen Long

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