I Like Trains – ‘The Shallows’

I Like Trains - 'The Shallows'


A hefty whomp of steely-eyed beauty

Digesting a sodding treatise on today’s technology-crazed world sounds as exciting as memorising your MacBook Pro instruction booklet, but I Like Trains have long had the knack for breathing the kiss of life into the bleakest of conceits. And so it is with ‘The Shallows’, which, for all its lofty attempts at deconstructing the digital age, spurns beard-stroking for a hefty whomp of steely-eyed beauty. Tomorrow’s world may be unforgiving – as on the world-weary ‘Beacons’ or fading pulsar-twitch of ‘We Used To Talk’ – but there’s little point in fretting; far better to warm yourself in the slow-burning embers of ‘The Turning Of The Bones’ and ‘Mnesoyme’, even as everything else crumbles away.

Ben Hewitt


Director: Richard Formby
Record label: ILR
Release date: 07 May, 2012