Icky Blossoms – ‘Icky Blossoms’

Icky Blossoms - 'Icky Blossoms'


The Omaha trio’s attempts at eclecticism comes off as forced.

Icky Blossoms are the side-project of Tilly And The Wall’s Derek Pressnall, and their debut album tries to distance itself from the boundless, twee enthusiasm of its creator’s day job. Unfortunately, it just dresses it up differently. Opener ‘Heat Lightning’ is promising enough – a swooning, sad take on tropical electro-pop – but it outshines the rest of the record. Darting from whirring dance-rock (‘I Am’) to clunky electroclash (‘Babes’), the Omaha trio’s attempts at eclecticism come off looking forced, as if Pressnall plus singer Sarah Bohling and guitarist Nik Fackler are trying to fit three albums’ worth of ideas into one.

Rhian Daly


Record label: Saddle Creek
Release date: 08 Jul, 2013