Icona Pop- ‘This Is…’

Icona Pop- 'This Is...'


Swedish duo fail to replicate the pop brilliance of 'I Love It'

Icona Pop owe their current popularity to the song ‘I Love It’. Released to little fanfare in May 2012, it has slowly became a global mega-hit. But the song’s success has confused Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo’s UK debut, and ‘This Is…’ offers an unsatisfying compromise between the edgy pop of the Swedes’ previous work and their attempts to become a massive band. The processed beats and cut-and-paste choruses of ‘All Night’, ‘We Got The World’ and ‘Ready For The Weekend’ sound like ‘I Love It’ B-sides, while ‘Girlfriend’ lifts its chorus from Jay Z’s superior ‘03 Bonnie & Clyde’. Good moments include the drama-packed ‘Just Another Night’ and the fun pop of ‘On A Roll’, but neither resembles the formulaic trash cluttering the rest of the record.

David Renshaw


Director: Stargate, Elof Loelv, Patrik Berger, Style Of Eye, Jarrad Rogers, Shellback, Kool Kojak, Benny Blanco, Nick Scapa, Justin Parker
Record label: Atlantic
Release date: 04 Nov, 2013