Album Review: Idiot Glee – ‘Paddywhack’

Album Review: Idiot Glee - 'Paddywhack'


Lacking compassion and progression behind this cheesy attempt at nostalgia

Gee whiz! 23-year-old James Friley, aka [a]Idiot Glee[/a], seems plucked from another time, back when marks on dance cards begat notches on bedposts and a swell evening at the hop was the key to everlasting love. His debut makes like Wes Anderson leading a barbershop quartet with voices rich as full-fat milk, blissed-out organs echoing the glory days of a now-shabby ballroom.

Problem is, there’s a dearth of ideas here that means the whole shebang clings to cloying, torturously repetitive pastiche rather than doing anything particularly innovative. And when bands like Summer Camp and Metronomy have the nostalgia thing down to a T, [b]‘Paddywhack’[/b] just comes across as plain old corny.

Laura Snapes

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