A Distant History: Rarities 1997-2007

Should such people actually exist, this download-only release is intended only for (shudder) Idlewild completists. A companion to their surprisingly durable ‘Scottish Fiction’ hits collection (there’s also a DVD on the loose), this ties together a few gems and scrapes the rest of the barrel dry. The real rarities, like the buzzsaw punk of self-financed debut single ‘Queen Of The Troubled Teens’, gleam like diamonds in the rough and the Teenage Fanclub cover (‘Everything Flows’) is pretty enough. But it tells a similar story to the other compilation; Idlewild became unwound like

a coiled spring, and their singles got so dull that the B-sides don’t even bear thinking about. There’s time to listen to an acoustic version of ‘El Capitan’, but not in this lifetime.

Dan Martin