Album Review: In Case Of Fire

Album Review: In Case Of Fire


Align The Planets

Album review:

This Northern Irish three-piece mix the proggy space-punk of Muse with, well, nothing really. Their songs have a heavier-than-heavy bottom end, an operatic top end and all that’s missing is Matt Bellamy’s mad-scientist guitar histrionics. In its place, ICOF pummel away until you’re brutalised into submission. It’s decent enough hard rock, with ‘This Time We Stand’ showing a knack for melding melody to racket, but it’s all very, very serious. While Muse’s apocalyptica is done with a playful awareness of its own absurdity, here they practically wet themselves about “the end of the world”. It’s all a little Eurovision rock and not much fun, but if you’ve got pentagrams Tipp-Exed on your bag, you’ll probably like it.

Martin Robinson

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