Album review: InMe – ‘Herald Moth’ (Graphite)

Album review: InMe - 'Herald Moth' (Graphite)


Oh, emo. Where did it all go so wrong?

For [a]InMe/a] to have even made it to their fourth album is quite the feat: shame it largely huffs dong, eh? It’s not the fat math-infused riffing that drags b]‘Herald Moth’[/b] down, because the opening blast of [b]‘You Won’t Hear From Me Again’[/b] and [b]‘Belief Revival’[/b] are punchy enough to give a glint of hope that the Essex emo-rockers’ return isn’t entirely worthless. But from there on in, the likes of the unfeasibly annoying [b]‘Captain Killjoy’[/b], [b]‘All Terrain Vehicle’[/b] with its single, lame metaphor and the bollock-tighteningly bad [b]‘The Art Of Moderation’[/b] spoil the ride like being punched in the face halfway through a night out. Kudos for at least trying to push the envelope,

but the sense of bitterness that pervades [b]‘Herald Moth’[/b] just smacks of hubris, and laughably so.

[b]Ben Patashnik[/b]