Internet Forever – ‘Internet Forever’

Internet Forever - 'Internet Forever'


Has some serious bite

If there’s one problem from which Internet Forever used to suffer from, it was that live they were about as sturdy as a Poundshop tissue in a chemical toilet. Twee. Los Campesinos!-level twee. Thankfully, over the four years since they formed, the four-piece’s loins have swollen, meaning that for their debut album they’re finally coming out swinging. Yes, the likes of ‘3D’ and ‘Break Bones’ have bubblegum-pop grace, but there’s driving bluster among the melodies that ensures that everything has some serious bite. That band name’s going to age as well as Windows 95, but their newfound tough streak means no-one will dare say as much to their faces.

[i]Jamie Fullerton[/i]


Record label: Tape Alarm
Release date: 09 Apr, 2012