Album review: Irmin Schmidt – ‘Filmmusik Anthology Volume 4 & 5’

Album review: Irmin Schmidt - 'Filmmusik Anthology Volume 4 & 5'

A sparse delight in cinematic soundscapes

Schmidt is best known as the keyboard player for the legendary krautrock band [a]Can[/a]. It was his classical musical training that jarred so brilliantly with Jaki Liebezeit’s jazz drumming and, on albums such as [b]‘Ege Bamyasi’[/b], [a]Damo Suzuki[/a]’s mercurial mentalism. That same classical training has also lent itself to over 40 film soundtracks, and this collection takes in a sample of those from the last 11 years. There’s no over-the-top Hollywood special effects here, though, rather the languid drones from 2004’s [i]Schneeland[/i] and the sinister beats of tracks from a German TV series called [i]Bloch[/i] (no, us neither). There are enough moments of genius on these two CDs to soundtrack [a]The Horrors[/a]’ dreams for a long while yet.

[b]Nathaniel Cramp[/b]

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