Album Review: Iron & Wine – Kiss Each Other Clean (4AD)

Album Review: Iron & Wine - Kiss Each Other Clean (4AD)


A surprising and majestic triumph

[b]Sam Beam[/b] is a man of many guises: from the fey troubadour who gave us the heartbreaking serenade of [b]‘Jezebel’[/b], to the über political beast that vented his frustrations on album [b]‘The Shepherd’s Dog’[/b]. The Biblical references are still pretty prevalent on his fourth record (even if it is just to call Jesus’ resurrected pal an “emancipated punk” on [b]‘Me And Lazarus’[/b]); and the balladeering [b]‘Walking Far From Home’[/b] is comfortingly familiar. But there’s a pop-funk hand at work here, fused with acrid jazz ([b]‘Rabbit Will Run’[/b]), and furious energy ([b]‘Your Fake Name Is Good Enough For Me’[/b]), which makes [b]‘Kiss Each Other Clean’[/b] a surprising and majestic triumph.

[b]Ash Dosanjh[/b]

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