Album Review: Is Tropical – ‘Native To’

Album Review: Is Tropical - 'Native To'


A staple portion of electro Brit-pop

Veering between sedated, Klaxons-lite oddball electro numbers (‘The Greeks’), a particular strain of Larrikin Love-esque English eccentricity (‘Clouds’) and the shiny pop sensibilities of Mystery Jets (‘Take My Chances’), Is Tropical’s debut proves itself to be a loveable if a little dated affair.

“Any idiot knows that simplicity wins”, intones the aforementioned ‘Take My Chances’ and it’s in the trio’s uncomplicated way with a hummable hook that makes for their greatest strength. But, though Gary Barber’s half-spoken, oh-so-London urchin coo brings a little quirk to proceedings, for the most part ‘Native To’ is a pleasant but not memorable listen.

Lisa Wright

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