Album review: Isis

Album review: Isis


Wavering Radiant

They’ve been going for 12 years and haven’t yet written anything that could get within a nautical mile of a car advert – and that’s why Isis are considered pioneers of avant-metal. And there’s certainly something oceanic about ‘Wavering Radiant’, whether in ‘Stone To Wake A Serpent’’s tidal battery or the pulverising Pelican-like rhythms of ‘20 Minutes/40 Years’. Unfortunately, it feels like 45 minutes of awesomeness stretched out to a slightly bloated hour, so the unsettling Toolisms of ‘Ghost Key’ meander just too long and ‘Hand Of The Host’ spends half of its 11 minutes repeating itself without really juddering into the granite riff golem it threatens to be. Still, it’s testament to their power that an average Isis album is still pretty good.

Ben Patashnik

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