Album review: Islet – Wimmy (Turnstile)

Album review: Islet - Wimmy (Turnstile)


Can Islet produce a powerful follow-up to the raucous 'Celebrate This Place'? In a word, yes.

Until recently, Welsh scamps [a]Islet[/a] were better known for eschewing promotional norms than they were for songs. June’s mini-album ‘[b]Celebrate This Place[/b]’ was a sonic boom in the face to anyone who might have thought they had something to hide, capturing perfectly the raucous abandon and gleeful exuberance of their seismic live show. ‘[b]Wimmy[/b]’ continues in the same mind-bending vein. It’s arguably even better, and suggests there’s much more still to come. True to form, pinning down their ever-shifting sound is tricky – opener ‘[b]Powys[/b]’ starts with burbling, [a]Fuck Buttons[/a]-ish electronica, goes a bit [a]These New Puritans[/a] and ends in a hail of percussion and shouting; ‘[b]Ringerz[/b]’ is what a [a]Gang Gang Dance[/a] re-wiring of [a]Yeah Yeah Yeahs[/a]’ ‘[b]Zero[/b]’ would sound like, while standout track ‘[b]Horses And Dogs[/b]’ fuses the best bits of [a]Deerhoof[/a] and [a]Dirty Projectors[/a]. And that’s just the first half, scarily. God knows what they’ll sound like next, but we can’t wait to find out.

[b]Rob Webb[/b]

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