Islet – ‘Released By The Movement’

Islet - 'Released By The Movement'


Welcome to Islet's admirable mini indie empire

Their fanzines, the Shape label, the gigs they put on: there’s a lot to admire about Islet’s mini indie empire. But the most exciting thing about the Cardiff band has always been their records, as proved by 2012 debut ‘Illuminated People’. This follow-up showcases their pedigree, with its shuffly Beta Band rhythm (‘Triangulation Station’) and the band’s Alt-J ear for expansive weirdness (‘Citrus Peel’). But while lo-fi charm is fine for a debut, the fact that they still sound like they’re recording in a wheelie bin restricts them. With songs this great, it’d be criminal if they didn’t book some time with a proper producer to fulfill their potential.

Jamie Fullerton


Record label: Shape
Release date: 07 Oct, 2013