Album review: Ital Tek – ‘Midnight Colour’ (Planet Mu)

Album review: Ital Tek - 'Midnight Colour' (Planet Mu)


Dubstep ain't dead, it's just getting weirder

People who were once dubstep’s cheerleaders now declare it dodo dead – as its commercial cachet rises with every Vodka Island dancefloor airing, its soul is chiselled away, goes the implication. Thing is, though, the genre’s smartest practitioners always frequently stepped outside it. Brighton’s [a]Ital Tek[/a] did this on 2008’s [b]‘Cyclical’[/b] debut, where deep bass tussled with widescreen IDM lushness, and he’s done it again here. [b]‘Midnight Colour’[/b] can still strike you in the solar plexus, but it cribs liberally from garage and wonky hip-hop, and makes the 13-track whole pulse with a strange romance.

[b]Noel Gardner[/b]