Ital Tek – ‘Nebula Dance’

Ital Tek – ‘Nebula Dance’


Clusters of dizzying breakbeats and swooning, sad house chords

Alan ‘Ital Tek’ Myson’s stylistic arc as a producer goes something like this: Aphex Twin and Squarepusher influence glitchy dance music > glitchy dance music meets wobbly dubstep > wobbly dubstep meets garage and futuristic hip-hop > all this becomes a garage/hip-hop/Chicago house braincloud that’s both sweet and melodic. That last part brings us to ‘Nebula Dance’, the Brighton resident’s third album and a handy tool if you’re the sort of person who likes to argue to your pals

that music is currently in ‘a post-everything era’. If these pals enjoy bugging out to clusters of dizzying breakbeats and/or swooning, sad house chords, so much the better.

Noel Gardner