Album Review: It’s A Buffalo

Album Review: It's A Buffalo


Don't Be Scared

Facts about this album:

* its a buffalo are drummer Nigel, bassist James and guitarists/singers Ben and Steve.

* Although Manchester-based, the band members hail variously from Northwich, Blackpool and Jersey.

Album review:

Its A Buffalo are a Manc band with poor grammar, and Liam Fray loves them. You think you know what ‘…Scared’ sounds like already? Well, you might be surprised: rather than 10 slices of Neanderthal indie, what you get is – for the most part – a tasty dose of countrified (or, indeed, fried) rock’n’roll, the likes of which Kings Of Leon used to make before the stadiums came a-callin’. Like early Kings, though, it’s also inconsistent. About halfway in, namely on ‘Broken Toy’ and ‘When It Went Dark’, things go awry. Tiny Dancers, anyone? Still, those aberrations are all but forgotten by the time ‘Divorce Song’ is up, leaving ‘Don’t Be Scared’ a promising but flawed debut.

Rob Webb

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