Album Review: It’s A Musical – ‘The Music Makes Me Sick’ (New Music Club)

Album Review: It's A Musical - 'The Music Makes Me Sick' (New Music Club)


Keeping emotions in flux from start to finish

Being happy is nice. But happy all the time? That’s weird. So it’s all about a fine balance – something that [b]It’s A Musical[/b] have worked to greatness on their debut album. They claim to want fun and for life to be one big long merry showtune; a sentiment which oozes by the bucketload from the Berlin-based twosome’s breezy singalongs. But listen harder and there’s an unsettling edge to all those tooting horns and playful pianos. Whether it’s the twists and turns of melody, unexpected instrumental breakdowns or spiky subject matter, [b]‘The Music Makes Me Sick’[/b] keeps our emotions in flux from start to finish. But always in perfect harmony, of course.

[b]Camilla Pia[/b]

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