Album review: Thieves Like Us – ‘Play Music’

Album review: Thieves Like Us - 'Play Music'


Vapid posh electro to snort substances to

Hold on, is this Pontus guy really singing “electric kebab!” over and over again in a crappy Kraftwerk robot voice? What kind of name is Pontus anyway? Something’s not right here – am I reviewing a record or caught up in some kind of late April Fool? Is this a Chris Morris set-up? Because Thieves Like Us look and sound like three yuppies trying out the music lark after being laid off by an investment banking firm. Making electro to snort coke to; vapid, empty lyrics chuck vaguely voguish words such as “mezzanine” into boring songs about drugs. The only way you couldn’t laugh away these posing clowns outright is to be so up to your eyeballs in gak you wouldn’t have the concentration to tell ’em to F-U-C-K O-F-F.

Alex Hoban

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